Benefits of a Five Second Courtesy

“Ready.” James looked at his stopwatch then glanced up at Harold and raised his finger. “Get set. Go!”

“Thank you,” Harold said, grinning.

“Ah, now that wasn’t so hard was it., Harold?”

“Nah! It took less than five seconds to say it.”

James put his arm around his friend’s shoulders and steered him toward the snack bar. “Exactly.”

Obviously, James believes saying “thank you” is important. And he’s right! Those two little words carry lots of power. What makes them so powerful?

  1. They express appreciation for whoever we’re thanking and tells them we don’t take them for granted. This feeling of worth is a good motivator for a person to continue doing good deeds for others.
  2. From a business perspective, it can also open doors for wonderful opportunities which may not have opened otherwise. Saying “thank you” is so rare these days, those who say it stand out from the crowd. People remember the “thankers” easier than they do the ungrateful.
  3. Saying “thank you” helps people live happier lives. When we speak these words, we’re focused on others instead of ourselves. Cultivate a habit of gratitude. According to scientific research, those who say “thank you” have better mental and physical health.

So, thank you for reading this short blog. Remember, words of gratitude only takes five seconds.

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