Marjorie Holmes’s Perseverance

Marjorie Holmes (1910-2002)

Marjorie Holmes was a beloved Christian author. Early in my Christian walk, I became familiar with her when my sister brought home from college one of her books, now a classic, Two From Galilee. It’s a love story about Mary and Joseph and became a bestseller.

One thing about this book most may not realize is that she spent nine years working on it. For three years, she researched it. For six years, she marketed it, trying to find a publisher. Publishers told her Mary and Joseph acted too much like real people, so that’s why she had trouble finding a suitable place for it. Finally, Bantam agreed to publish it, and it’s never been out of print.

If we want to succeed as a writer, follow Marjorie Holmes’s example. Persevere!

7 thoughts on “Marjorie Holmes’s Perseverance

  1. And then she went on to write “Three from Galilee” and “The Messiah.” You feel you are right there with all the people with whom Jesus associated. Years and years of research and hard work. Powerful books that are now largely lost to the public. Marjorie was one of the earlier keynote speakers at our Professionalism in Writing School in Tulsa. What a down-to-earth fun gal! Once she met you, you were her friend for life. I count myself in that number. Such a privilege.

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  2. She was a little firecracker!! About five-foot tall. At our banquet she wore a “leather” skirt and spike heels. What an impact she made! Even then she was in her sixties!! But I learned so much from her about writing. What it takes in terms of stick-to-it-iveness!! She wrote a number of teen novels back in the day. And was a newspaper and magazine columnist. So prolific. Her life was writing. Didn’t mean to go on and on, but your post brought back a flood of awesome memories! Thanks!

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