Experience Life!

We writers can’t be recluses. Oh, but weren’t we supposed to sit in our office, away from the hubbub of civilization, and compose articles, stories, poems, and books? Well, I don’t know about being away from the hubbub of civilization part, because some writers write best in a noisy environment, but yes, we must write every day. I work best in the quiet of my own office, away from “noisy civilization.”

However, if all we do is withdraw from society and write, our oasis of inspiration will eventually evaporate, leaving us with a dry spell and nothing to write about. It’s vital that we get away from our laptops from time to time and experience new things.

For example, I once rode Amtrak from New Orleans to Chicago to attend a writers’ conference. Am I afraid of flying? No, I’m not. I’ve flown numerous times. My father was a private pilot, and I’ve flown overseas and in the continental United States on commercial jets. Flying? No problem. But I’d never traveled anywhere by train, so I decided I’d go Amtrak just for the experience.

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

During this trip, I met many interesting people with whom I engaged in conversation. I also made notes about the train on a spiral notebook for future use in case I ever decided to use a train in a story. I noted the train’s sounds, what its dining car looked like, the food that was served, etc.

So, why not find something different to do every now and then? Experience life. Even make notes if you have to. Who knows? Inspiration for a story may hit all of a sudden. New experiences help make all of us better writers.

6 thoughts on “Experience Life!

  1. Absolutely loved this blog post!! Trains are by far the best mode of transportation for writers! I’d much rather write on the train than in an airplane any day! Plus, trains seats are super comfortable! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! That must have been a long but great train ride!


    1. I think the most fun I’ve had in a long time was when I took the New England Express from Boston to Providence. Wow, hang onto your seat for that one! Now I discover it used to be a stage route travelers used to take back in the 18th century, and it was one bumpy, troublesome trip. Guess where my protagonist Ivy will soon find herself. I can’t wait to write that!


  2. Well said, Jack. Life is the writer’s greatest source of inspiration. Without it, what exactly would we write about? Here’s to new experiences that we can share with our readers!


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