It Only Takes Five Seconds: Three Benefits of Saying “Thank You”

“Ready.” James looked at his stopwatch, then glanced up at Harold. “Get set. Go!”

“Thank you.” Harold grinned.

“Ah, now that wasn’t so bad, was it, Harold?”

“Nah! It took less’n five seconds to say it.”

James put his arm around Harold’s shoulders and steered him toward the store’s snack bar. “Exactly.”

James obviously believes saying “thank you” is important. And it is! Those two little words carry lots of power. What makes them so powerful?

They express appreciation for whoever we’re thanking and tells them we don’t take them for granted. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. This feeling of worth is a good motivator for a person to continue doing good deeds for others.

Saying “thank you” is also great from a business perspective. It’s so seldom heard nowadays that whenever someone utters it or demonstrates it in some way, that person stands out from the crowd. Sometimes this will  open doors for wonderful opportunities which may not have come  otherwise. People remember “thankers” easier than they do the  ungrateful.

Saying “thank you” helps people live happier lives. When we say these words, we’re focusing on others instead of ourselves. Cultivate a habit of   showing gratitude. According to scientific research, people who say “thank you” have better mental and physical health than those who don’t[1].

What are some other benefits of saying “thank you”?

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