Author DeWayne Rembert, Flatlined2Ngauge

The Author’s Cove is pleased to introduce DeWayne Rembert, pastor and author of Flatlined2NGauge

AC: Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am married to my best friend of seventeen years, Leslie, and we have three children: Devin (17), Dorian (13), and Journi (7). I also serve as Lead Pastor of a new church plant in north Montgomery, Alabama called Flatline Church at Chisholm, and I serve at Montgomery Baptist Association as Ministry Resident. I work to partner MBA churches with neighborhood schools, offering the gospel and ministry opportunities. I attended Troy State University of Montgomery and Birmingham Theological Seminary for classwork in evangelism. I served and launched a youth ministry (iENGauge) at Strong Tower Washington Park, an MBA church where I served as youth pastor for two years. In addition, I developed the youth ministry Flatline Movement which is an outreach ministry composed of Christian rappers, mentors, chaplains, singers, and youth speakers. All of this to the glory of God.

AC: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

September 2016

AC: What books, in addition to the Bible, have had the most influence on you and your writing?

Dangerous Calling, by Paul Tripp

Kingdom Man, by Tony Evans

AC: Describe for us your writing routine.

Prayer, and a quiet place with my door locked. I also listen to  worship music in my headphones. My research routine includes using Google, an English translation of the Bible, and the Hebrew and Greek Bible.

AC: Briefly tell us what your book is about.

Flatlined 2 NGauge is my autobiography. It is a story of God’s grace at work in my life. This book provides more details of that journey. Some details involved me growing up fatherless, my mom who was in and out of my life, and all my uncles under the bondage of alcohol. As a result of that, it led to anger, resentment, and petty crimes. I graduated high school and moved to Montgomery, where I enrolled in Troy State University at Montgomery. I first got a job at a fast food restaurant, then at a hotel. I heard the gospel for the first time when I was twenty six years old. I got saved.  After I moved all the way up to General Manager at a Hilton Hotel, I resigned from that job by faith to start the Flatline Movement. Later, I went on staff at Strong Tower Church at Washington Park to start iEngauge Youth Ministry. After that, I went on staff as a Ministry Resident for Montgomery Baptist Association.

AC: Why did you write this particular book, Flatlined 2 NGauge ?

I wanted to testify what it looks like in grave detail when the church fails to evangelize and disciple the people around them. I also wanted to show what the grace of God looks like in its simplest form. I pray that the book will serve as a wakeup call for the church. 

AC: What is the main takeaway, or message, you’d like your readers to glean from your book?

That the readers would be encouraged to know the Lord. Nevertheless, if you already know Him,  that you would be encouraged in your relationship with Christ, as well as challenge you to reach out to others with the transforming hope of Christ.

AC: Where may readers purchase your book?


Montgomery Baptist Association at

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