Wisdom Speaks, by Dr. Tim Riordan, A Review

Wisdom Speaks has wonderful insights into the book of Proverbs. Instead of doing a verse by verse commentary, like similar books do, he’s organized his book according to the various subjects Proverbs addresses. Each chapter deals with a specific topic: marriage, friendship, diligence, generosity, and so forth.

 His book is not a theological treatise. Rather, he expounds upon the verses and subjects in a way that laymen such as myself can understand. Interesting anecdotes illustrate his key points well. Some of them are humorous, such as a story about his fear of rats. These stories spice up his clear, smooth writing style and immerse readers in the Bible’s message.

I enjoyed how he explained important words and concepts with clarity and insight. For example, regarding success, he writes: “we must be careful to define this term from God’s perspective. From a biblical view, success has more to do with who you are becoming than with what you have accomplished.” I couldn’t agree more!

  This book is perfect for use in a small group Bible study. The final section of each chapter is entitled “Further Thought.” In this section, he offers a list of thought-provoking questions which lead to further discussion. They challenge readers to look more deeply into their own lives.

I highly recommend this book. It is available at amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Speaks-Life-Lessons-Proverbs-ebook/dp/B07D9W7PNX

This book was provided to me as a complimetary copy for review through BookCrash.

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