Squire, A Mascot’s Tale

Squire, A Civil War Dog Story, To be Released Soon by Ashland Park Books

At the outbreak of the Civil War, and against his wife Rachel’s pleadings, Captain Jesse Webb takes his beloved dog Squire to war as his regiment’s mascot. By 1863, they’re posted in Port Hudson, Louisiana. Here Jesse encounters his old rival for Rachel’s hand, Colonel Hampton Lafayette Marsden, who’d killed Jesse’s brother in a duel a few years earlier. Here, too, Squire kills a fighting bulldog in self-defense.

The bulldog’s owner, Aaron Blevin, conspires with Marsden against Squire and Jesse. In exchange for Squire, Blevin’s daughter Giselle promises to have an “affair” with Jesse, designed to ruin Jesse’s honor and marriage as Marsden’s revenge for losing Rachel to him. When Rachel unexpectedly arrives at the garrison and Blevin captures Squire, trouble for both of them ramp up. Squire’s life hangs in the balance; Jesse’s marriage is on the line. Will Rachel forgive Jesse’s “affair” and for losing Squire? Will Squire survive his ordeal and find his way home while the Union army battles the Rebel garrison?

Port Hudson, Louisiana, last Confederate garrison on the Mississippi River to surrender to Union forces, is the main setting for Squire, A Mascot’s Tale. It was the Civil War’s longest genuine siege and lasted 48 days.

3 thoughts on “Squire, A Mascot’s Tale

  1. Jack! What an exciting, gut-wrenching tale you tell! Thanks for the heads up on this!


    David Warner Parks Author – *Elijah: a man of passions *

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 7:36 PM The Author’s Cove: Jack Cunningham


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